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  • Director Terry Zwigoff (Art School Confidential, Ghost World) talked to about the five actors he would like to work with in the future:

    Matt Damon: "I was on the set in the jury box on The Rainmaker and you could tell in ten seconds he would be a famous actor. I watched Francis [Ford Coppola] get a number of great performances from him in the same scene and that's hard to do."

  • Thanks to Juanita for this article about Paul Greengrass and United 93 from the Washington Post.

  • From Jeffrey Wells' Hollywood Elsewhere column, in a mini-story about the new James Bond trailer, Casino Royale:

    ...At the same time I think we all recognize that Jason Bourne has overtaken James Bond as the definitive espionage-action figure of our time. Matt Damon's Bourne is cybered and fibered into the here-and-now; 007 has always been (and always will be) a throwback to the martini-sipping sexual ethos of the early to mid '60s.

  • Update: Here's an Argentinian story (in Spanish) which is reporting that Matt may play Prince Caspian in the next movie in the Narnia series.
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