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  • Matt's ranked third on this year's rankings of the best celebrity autograph signers - here. I think he was ranked second last year (George Clooney's prominent year has cost him one place).

  • There will be a second season of Project Greenlight in Australia - details here, including:

    Movie Extra today announced the launch of Project Greenlight Series 2, the television series that sees emerging filmmakers compete for a $1million dollar production budget.

    The series, which is part of the Ben Affleck and Matt Damon 'unearthing movie-making talent' franchise, will take a radical departure from the last series. Each episode the contestants will be asked to prove their 'movie-making' prowess by making short films — under tight deadlines and the pressure of being judged against their peers. At the same time they will continue to work on their feature film scripts.

    The programme follows on from the success of Series 1 where writer/director Morgan O’Neill won the coveted $1 million to finance a dream — his feature film 'Solo'.

    Starring Colin Friels and Vince Colosimo, Solo's world premiere will be held on June 10th at the Sydney Film Festival. The movie will then be screened Australia wide through Dendy Cinemas from July 6th.

  • A cute article at titled "Queerty editors to Matt Damon: I do".
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