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New LivePlanet project, sighting

  • This item at mentions that LivePlanet is involved with a new documentary on the making of the Gears of war XBOX game, and that Matt attended a product launch in North Carolina covered by the documentary. The LivePlanet site doesn't have it listed as a current project, but if you want to check it out, it's previewed on MTV2 at 10pm Friday - more details here or here.

    LivePlanet's involvement is confirmed in a press release located here - excerpts:

    Underscoring the ongoing convergence between entertainment and technology, The Race to E3 will make a groundbreaking debut across multiple platforms including Xbox Live®. In connection with the show, Xbox 360™ owners will be able to download the first-ever high-definition television content on Xbox Live Marketplace.

    Premiering the week of May 8, these 3-minute episodes take viewers into the lives of the team at Epic Games, the world famous game developer behind Gears of War. Then on Friday, May 19 at 10 PM Eastern/Pacific, the drama culminates in the primetime special Gears of War: The Race to E3, on MTV2, with additional exclusive content available on, MTV Overdrive and Xbox Live.

    "We’re tapping our Project Greenlight experience and translating it to videogames, a creative field that rivals the movie business—and in the gaming world, it doesn’t get any bigger than Gears of War," stated Larry Tanz, CEO LivePlanet. "We are excited to partner with Xbox, a brand known for pushing the boundaries of entertainment, and MTV2 to offer this unique program across multiple platforms."

    Filmed in high-definition on location in Raleigh, NC by LivePlanet, the dramatic story follows the team at Epic Games (the creators of Unreal®) as they prepare for E3, the videogame industry’s Super Bowl. With time running out and the pressure mounting to complete a playable demo, personalities clash and personal lives suffer. Then, with everything at stake, the team arrives at E3. Will the demo mesmerize the 70,000 attendees and become the buzz of the show, or will it fail to impress and grind the game’s momentum to a screeching halt?

    The Race to E3 focuses in on the eccentric personalities at Epic Games and documents how game development interrupts and intersects their daily lives. In between picking up the kids from school, band practice, and joyriding in the boss’ Lamborghini, there are interoffice clashes and surprising interpersonal moments including breakups and strained friendships. The Race to E3 gives the viewer a fascinating, uncensored, and never-before-seen look at the high-stakes, high-drama, and sometimes low-sleep culture of videogame development.

  • A sighting from the Miami Sun Post:

    Matt Damon and his super-pregnant wife dining at The Forge on Saturday night.
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