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Appearance on CNN's 'American Morning' Wednesday

  • Matt will be interviewed on the CNN program "American Morning" with Soledad O'Brien on Wednedsay. The pre-taped interview from Miami is most likely to promote the recent African trip, but Matt did confirm (in the excerpt shown on Entertainment Tonight) that the baby's name will be Isabella. The website for the show is located here (no details on Matt's appearance are available on the site at this stage).

    If anybody is able to watch the show, could you please provide a summary in the comments section? A transcript may be available tomorrow.

    Here's a rough transcript after Soleded asked Matt for any baby news, including a name and due date:

    "Any time we're expecting her to come along, and we have picked a name... the name Isabella, we've been calling her Isabella for months."

  • Many thanks to a reader for this detailed report:

    The segment was about 4 minutes long and consisted of footage from Matt's trip to Africa interspersed with live conversation with him in a Miami studio.

    The focus was the six day trip to Africa that Matt took in May with (The logo was plastered all over the television screen during the interview. They provided all the footage.) They began by listing the AIDS and HIV statistics which effect African nations. I believe they said about six million children are infected with HIV.

    When asked why he took the trip, Matt responded that it was the aggregate effect of seeing it, hearing about the situation and dealing with the realization that he was bringing a child into this world. It made him think about the type of world he would be leaving his daughter and her children.

    He visited a school in Africa where 97 of the 100 children are HIV positive. Many are also orphans and are street children, or being raised by grandparents. They showed footage of the school, the rooms, and a local man speaking about his struggle to be a father to his children after his wife died of AIDS. The man was able to receive the AIDS drugs and has now re-united his family and re-married. They commented that the people of Africa were upbeat and hopeful despite the grim circumstances. There was footage of Matt doing an African dance with local villagers.

    Matt encouraged people to check the website regularly for information updates. He spoke of the global fund initiative that is currently on Capitol Hill and said that people should educate themselves. He acknowledged that everyone is busy and has their own personal concerns and problems and that it can be overwhelming to digest all the information on AIDS and Africa, but says that does a good job of presenting information in a way that is manageable and understandable for most people.

    Then Soledad asked about the baby. He said that it's a girl. They picked out the name Isabella months ago. Her birth is so imminent that Lucy was with him in the Miami studio because they expect her to go into labor at any moment. He thanked Soledad for having him on the show to talk about the issue and asked her to continue to have him and others back to talk about these issues so they can keep in in the public consciousness.

    After the interview concluded (and it was pre-taped, though I'm not sure how many days ago), Soledad commented on how much she liked Matt. Her co-anchors teased her and said they would have to let Brad know. Soledad said she had a special fondness for Matt because of the Boston connection. They attended Harvard at the same time. Her co-anchors asked if they were college buddies and she said no. Their time at Harvard overlapped somewhat, but she's a bit older than Matt. (I also believe it's a fact that neither Matt, nor Soledad graduated from Harvard. Both left very close to the end when they were offered jobs.)
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