Matt Damon News Column (mattdamoncolumn) wrote,
Matt Damon News Column

A weekend wedding for Casey?

  • The baby alert continues, but meanwhile Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix may be wed by the end of the weekend - excerpt from the Boston Herald:

    The hot rumor around the "Gone, Baby, Gone" set this week is that star Casey Affleck and his longtime galpal Summer Phoenix are planning to finally tie the knot - this weekend!

    Anyway, we hear that the whole Affleck clan will jet down to the Georgia/South Carolina area - where both Ben and Casey have homes - for the weekend wedding. For what it’s worth, the "GBG" cast and crew have been given the weekend off...

    Ben, his bride, Jennifer Garner, and the expectant parents, the Damons, are all reportedly on the guest list.
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