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Paparazzi watch

  • Nothing new here, but a comment from the Palm Beach Post:

    Paparazzi are holding a 24-7 Matt Damon watch in Miami Beach. The star of The Bourne Identity and his SoFla wife, Luciana, are thisclose to having a baby...

  • An early indication of The Departed promotion here, but it's pretty unlikely to be realised. Matt will be in the middle of Bourne Ultimatum filming, and may not be heavily involved in the promotion for this film, which will be released on 6 October.

    Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon, who star in "The Departed" -- a remake of the Hong Kong blockbuster "Infernal Affairs" -- will visit the Chinese territory to promote the film, a news report said Saturday.

    The crime thriller will be promoted in Hong Kong and may even have its world premiere here, the Apple Daily newspaper reported quoting a local spokeswoman for the movie.

    DiCaprio and Damon will be accompanied by the movie's director Martin Scorsese in their visit to Hong Kong, the paper said. The report did not say when they were expected in Hong Kong.
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