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Alexander Siddig praises Matt

  • My thanks to Mel of Sid for passing on these comments from Alexander Siddig in a personal letter to the site. Siddig played Prince Nasir in Syriana.

    Then I flew to Washington to start filming Syriana. I’ve told you all a bit about this experience already - what a cool cast etc. But looking back now after all the hoo-ha has died down, the awards dispensed, the red carpets rolled up and countless pages of reviews and articles written read and now recycled, there is one particular hero in that movie who barely received a mention and that’s Matt Damon.

    I spent nearly all my time on that film working along side him and not only was he a pleasure to work with, a gentleman in every sense of the word, but the movie would have been hollow without him. He was the median from which every character deviated. He played the role with subtlety and integrity. It was a thankless role and he received little thanks.

  • Following the announcement of a celeb baby there always follows numerous stories about the gifts donated to the child/parents (aka shameless name-dropping and PR grabs via expensive gifts). Here's the latest:

    Thank heaven for little girls! Celebrities are bedazzling their precious newborns with heirloom-quality pearls. A-List celebrity daughters have been showered with the hottest baby gift to hit the market - Simply Tiffany Taite's signature newborn pearl bracelets.

    Matt Damon's new little girl Isabella recently received Tiffany's classic Lulu pearl bracelet with pink pearls, fitting as pearls are her June birthstone. Big sister Alexa also received the pearls in white.

  • Details about the new LivePlanet/MSN reality baseball project are available here.
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