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Top bachelors list

  • ET has named Matt on their list of the 10 Most Eligible Bachelors of the year following a very non-scientific determination by the editor of Cosmopolitan magazine. Details from ET here and here - with a story expected on Monday's show.

    "Here at Cosmo we love Matt Damon so much we put him on the cover of our men's issue this year. He is the best guy. He has this All-American sexiness. He is smart. He went to Harvard. He has this sweetness. He is nice to his mom. He has a killer body and his career is hotter than ever right now with the 'Bourne Supremacy' and 'Ocean's Twelve.' But what we like best about Matt is his affection for a non-famous girl. Right now he is dating LUCY, a former bartender from Miami, and they have been together for about a year now."
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