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Ultimatum release date

  • IGN reports the new release date for The Bourne Ultimatum is 13 August 2007.

  • From an article at USA Today about the new Superman movie:

    Brawny Christopher Reeve reflected the craze for pumping iron in 1978's Superman, but the idea of masculinity has shifted away from the musclehead. "We don't live in a Schwarzenegger world anymore, we live in a Matt Damon world," says Brad Meltzer, a novelist whose books include Dead Even and the upcoming The Book of Fate.

  • Lauren Sanchez, the wife of Patrick Whitesell (Matt and Ben's agent), gave birth to a boy on Thursday - from Us online.

  • Update: Some small pics from Splash of Matt visiting the gym on Tuesday:

    Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
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