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Hollywood Walk of Fame

  • Matt will receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2007. It is likely that his star has sponsored by Universal, and that the ceremony will be just prior to the Los Angeles premiere of The Bourne Ultimatum. Details from Eonline.

    The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has unveiled the latest batch of Tinseltown glitterati fit for trampling by the masses, announcing the 2007 recipients for stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And Ponch himself, Erik Estrada, is among the honorees.

    Lest you think the rest of the list is Surreal Life-worthy, Hollywood Boulevard's sidewalk is also set to immortalize some higher wattage types, including Matt Damon (who will beat Ben Affleck to the pavement), Jamie Foxx, Michael Caine, Michelle Pfeiffer and director Robert Altman all making the cut for their work in motion pictures.

    The 23 members of the Walk of Fame's class of 2007 will join more than 2,200 names already adorning the streets of Hollywood.

    Chamber officials decided on the group after reviewing hundreds of nominations which they whittled down to a group of finalists, from whom a selected panel, the Chamber's Board of Directors, chose the ultimate recipients.

    In addition to the painfully obvious criteria of being famous, star-getters must be at least five years into their show-biz career and have generous fans: Recipients' nominating parties are required to pony up a $15,000 sponsorship fee and the celeb must promise to show at their induction ceremony.

    Dates for the stars' Walk of Fame ceremonies will be announced later this year.

  • Update: Excerpts from an interview with Frank Marshall at Box Office Mojo:

    Box Office Mojo: Is there more the artist can do to promote a movie?

    Frank Marshall: Absolutely. I truly believe that works—going out and believing in your movie, getting out and talking about it. For the first Bourne, I took Matt Damon to Boise [Idaho], to Oklahoma City, to Atlanta. When you go to Boise, it's a big deal to come with a movie that's not out yet—and you bring Matt Damon. There was huge attention—a double truck article in Us magazine. We created our own publicity that broke us out of the box. To some extent, I did that with Eight Below.

    Box Office Mojo: What else do you have in store?

    Frank Marshall: The Bourne Ultimatum, Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Julian Schnabel's The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. The Talisman is not on the front burner. The next thing I want to direct is a movie about Lance Armstrong, which is going to be next year. I'm a big sports fan. It's his extraordinary journey—there's such a natural arc there: a chip on the shoulder cocky youngster gets sick and figures out what life's about and then becomes this incredible champion. And he is this incredible person. I seem to be attracted to these stories about people overcoming impossible odds.

  • From the Miami Herald:

    Spotted at the Citgo gas station car wash on Alton Road on Monday afternoon: new dad Matt Damon getting his Lexus spiffed up. According to those waxing celebrity, celebrities including Ricky Martin and David Bisbal get their rides cleaned there, too.
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