Matt Damon News Column (mattdamoncolumn) wrote,
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Ben's baby gift

  • Presumably leaked by the store and told to Marc Malkin of The Insider, here's the details on a (supposed) baby gift to Isabella and family from Ben Affleck.

    First came 'Good Will Hunting.' Next up could be 'Good Daughters Hunting.' BEN AFFLECK's daughter, VIOLET, and MATT DAMON's daughter, ISABELLA, are already becoming fast friends. I'm told a $1,000 gift basket from L.A. celebrity baby boutique, Petit Trésor, was recently delivered to Isabella. The card apparently read, "Dear Isabella -- Welcome to the planet. I can't wait for our first play date! Love, Violet." Included among the goodies were a cashmere wrap for mom LUCIANA, a pink cashmere baby outfit, a diaper bag, a stuffed animal, a photo album, a mobile and a pair of booties.
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