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Syriana pic, various

  • The inconsistent Bourne producer Frank Marshall talks further about Ultimatum and the success of Supremacy here.

  • The first official pictures from Syriana have been released as part of Warner Brothers' 2005 film preview here, including one from the only scene Matt and George have together in the film. A release date in 2005 has not been determined.

  • Author Stephen King included Bourne Supremacy in his favourite films of 2004 list in EW.

    9 - The Bourne Supremacy. Okay, all that jumpy editing is a trick, but it's a good trick. Bourne was the best action picture of the summer, and guess what? Matt Damon turns out to be the real deal.

  • A Gawker sighting:

    I saw Matt Damon and his girlfriend walking around Astor Place on Saturday afternoon. He looked very un-metro wearing a navy blue knit hat and jean on jean - same shade of pants and jacket. The couple was very cute, holding hands and chatting. I thought I heard some Italian...
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