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  • A rumor that Robin Williams may have a role in The Bourne Ultimatum is reported at Cinescape.

  • From IESB, Kevin Smith's explanation of why Matt could not take a role in Clerks 2:

    Q: Do you have any good casting stories?

    KS: Ben and Jason have been in 6 of the 7 movies I’ve made so that was a no-brainer. Matt Damon was going to be in it, but he was tied up with a Robert DeNiro movie so he couldn’t do it so I called Jason and he was nice enough to make time for this in his very busy My Name is Earl schedule.

  • From People's Fast Tracks section (adding almost no additional information to the earlier Boston Globe report):

    His daughter Violet was otherwise engaged, but Ben Affleck got the next best thing on July 7 - a visit from Matt Damon and his baby daughter Isabella on the Quincy, Mass. set of the thriller (and Affleck directorial debut) Gone, Baby, Gone.
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