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Picture post, O13

  • It's quiet at the moment prior to the (expected) official start of Ocean's Thirteen filming today, so here's a few random high quality photos thanks to Clooney Network. Click on all pics to enlarge.

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  • An update on when Ocean's Thirteen will shoot in Las Vegas from the Las Vegas Review Journal.

    Directer Steven Soderbergh's "Ocean's 13" will return to the Bellagio, site of most of the indoor action for the remake of "Ocean's Eleven'' in 2001, it was confirmed Thursday.

    Soderbergh and producer Jerry Weintraub were in town last week, along with 40 members of the creative team, scouting out locations for the shoot, according to Bernie Yuman, Weintraub's assistant.

    New cast member Al Pacino was spotted in Las Vegas on Thursday, meeting with MGM Mirage executive Bobby Baldwin, who ran the Bellagio until recently.

    Crews will film Aug. 6-9 at the Bellagio. Most of the Warner Bros. film will be shot in Hollywood.

  • Here's an article at the Chicago Tribune which seeks to explain various concepts in Syriana.

  • There are various (mostly unsourced) rumors that recent paparazzi pics of Jake Gyllenhaal cycling with Lance Armstrong are because as he has taken on the role of Lance instead of Matt in the upcoming biopic, to be directed by Frank Marshall. (Great news - let either Jake or Matthew McConaughey have it.)
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