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Lisa, George and Italy

  • There's no news at present with Ocean's Thirteen likely filming in Los Angeles, but here's a snippet. In an interview with magazine Grazia found at Clooney Studio, Lisa Snowdon, George Clooney’s girlfriend during the filming of Ocean’s Twelve, discussed how she’s remained friends with George’s co-stars and friends - excerpt:

    Lisa is so down to earth and unfazed by celebrity that it’s no surprise to hear that she’s still in touch with not only George, but Jennifer and Matt too.

    "Jennifer’s such a normal chick. That’s one of the fondest memories I have of that time – really bonding with her and Lucy. They’re fantastic women", says Lisa.

    Since [Ocean's Twelve], despite her and George splitting for a second time, she’s been out to Miami to see Lucy and Matt Damon, who have since married and had a child, and she maintains contact with Jennifer.
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